Eclypse Contour

Super saugfähige anatomisch geformte Wundauflage


Eclypse Contour


Eclypse® Contour wurde für nässende Wunden entwickelt. Die Auflage besteht aus einem Gewebe aus Polyester und Viskose für schnellen Dochteffekt und einer Schicht hochsaugfähiger Kristalle in einer mechanischen Zelluloseverbindung. Die beige Schutzschicht aus atmungsaktivem Polyethylen verhindert ein Durchnässen. Ideal geeignet für Bereiche wie Unterschenkel, Oberschenkel, Kreuzbein, Bauch und Brust






Mittel bis stark nässende Wunden: Beingeschwüre, Druckgeschwüre, Wunden mit Gewebsdemarkierung / belegte Wunden, postoperative oder klaffende Wunden, exulzerierende Wunden, Transplantationswunden.


Arterienblutungen und stark blutende Wunden.


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Eclypse Contour
30cm x 51cmCR43981011592707



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1. Are there any contra-indications for Eclypse dressings?
We do not advise use of Eclypse super absorbent dressings on arterial bleeds or heavily bleeding wounds. The wicking action and absorption of the dressing will absorb the blood making it difficult to assess the amount of blood loss.
2. Can Eclypse be cut?
All Eclypse dressings cannot be cut, the edges are sealed, cutting would lead to shedding of the internal fibres, which could lead to potential foreign body reactions in the wound.
3. Can Eclypse be used as both a primary, and secondary wound contact layer?
Eclypse Adherent® can be used on all wound types as either a primary or secondary dressing due to its unique soft silicone contact layer, which prevents adherence to the wound bed. On wounds with broken tissue it may be necessary to use an additional primary contact layer with Eclypse® for example Silflex®. Eclypse® can be used as a primary contact layer where the skin is in tact.
4. Can Eclypse be used under compression?
Yes Eclypse can be used under compression. In respect of use under compression, Eclypse in its dry state is a very flat dressing and will not adversely affect compression values.
5. Do you get strike-through with Eclypse?
The backing is a water resistant barrier film to prevent strike-through with a high moisture vapour transfer rate prolonging wear ability.
6. Does Eclypse cause maceration?
The dressing has a rapid wicking face combined with the highly absorbent moisture locking system. The absorbent layer provides a large capacity with rapid fluid uptake ensuring the exudate is drawn away from the wound bed and surrounding tissue, preventing maceration.
7. How do we know when to change Eclypse?
Eclypse can be left in place for up to 7 days but will need to be changed more frequently depending on the level of exudate. Once saturated the dressing may become heavy and sag these are all signs that the Eclypse needs to be renewed.
8. How long can you leave Eclypse on for?
Wear time will depend on the level of exudate, daily changes may be required, but Eclypse can be left in place for up to 7 days. Because of the excellent fluid handling capability of the dressing, it may become heavy and cause sagging when saturated. Once the crystals are swollen and full of exudate they may cause pressure on the wound bed making it necessary to change Eclypse.
9. How much fluid does Eclypse hold?
The Eclypse dressings will rapidly absorb fluid with a capacity for 6000gms/sq meter. This volume can be absorbed and retained within the dressing in a period of 5 minutes.
10. How should I choose between the regular Eclypse and the adherent one?
Eclypse Adherent is the dressing of choice, when skin is fragile or when any adherence would lead to trauma or pain.